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About Us

Our team

Each one of our reviewers is specialized in stair lift systems and technologies, which enables us to research the market for finding the best deals for potential customers. We select products that were built around the needs of people with disabilities, and we provide you with information that is honest and unbiased. The devices that we decide to include on our lists offer clear benefits, but since people’s preferences and expectations are different, we also discuss the disadvantages that certain items present. Therefore, it is up to our readers to decide if a product can meet their needs, or not.

Our mission is a website that is committed to offering readers all the data that they need to determine what product would suit them the most. We discuss features, comfort, safety, innovations, convenience and design, allowing those who access our webpage to compare different models for discovering the most advantageous products. Furthermore, we provide transparent content, helping users to make informed decisions and smart purchases. Moreover, we provide credible advice that can help potential buyers install a stair lift in their house easier, but also integrate it in their interior design, because our main goal is to teach readers all they need to know about accessibility equipments.

Where do we get our information from?

  • In order to let you know which the most advantageous purchases are, we compare the attributes of different brands of stair lifts, with a view to discovering if it is worth to invest in a certain product. In other words, we research the market and we use a proprietary system of evaluation to score the data that we gather, and to rank products. This entire process makes it simpler for potential clients to decide on a specific product.
  • Also, we get our information from stair lift users, because there is no better way to find out the pros and the cons of a device than using it.
  • We monitor market trends to find out the latest technologies that can make a stair lift more functional end effective, and based on our discoveries, we include new products on our lists.
  • observes the marketplace changes, and it updates product information to ensure that readers are provided with accurate and relevant content.

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